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Oct 30

New listings in Meditation News current events!

There are several new events in the current events area on the Meditation News site. You’re definitely going to want to check out the alternative method of attending the “I Can Do It” events – great if you can’t be there in person! Go now! See for yourself!  Meditation News from The Helping Circle!

Aug 16

New Article: Learn More About the Benefits of Meditation

Excerpt from the article Learn More About the Benefits of Meditation located at Meditation is an art that has been around since the dawn of the age of man.  This is not a statement to be taken lightly.  After all, many many things about mankind have changed over time, but the profound art of …

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Aug 15

Discover How You Can Easily Get Your Mind To Make Money For You!

Are you struggling to get by?  Tired of watching people around you succeed while you seem to just be spinning your wheels?  If today’s economy has you feeling stressed out and pressured to the breaking point… You Must Learn What Self Hypnosis Can Do For You And Your Business! The truth is: If You Are …

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Aug 14

Learn how to think your way to the life you have always wanted!

The law of attraction, is the principle by which you draw into your life that which is in vibrational alignment with your awareness, thoughts, feelings, opinions and attitudes. Whether you’re mindful of them or not. It’s also the most popular personal development topic in personal development. This is why the starting point on the road …

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Aug 13

New Article: The Significance of Meditation Classes

Excerpt from the article The Significance of Meditation Classes  located at So many people are now turning to the practice of meditation for a variety of reasons. There are people who meditate with the hope of becoming more spiritual.  Others turn to meditation to relieve themselves of the daily stress they deal with.  There …

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Aug 12

Absolutely the BEST beginner’s meditation guide!

Meditation: The Guide to Self-Enlightenment

Do you need a way to release everyday stress and tension? Would you like to learn a way to relieve pain without pharmaceuticals? Are you interested in improving your overall health and increasing your longevity? If so, pay close attention!  There’s finally a book created just for you! Meditation: The Guide to Self-Enlightenment is the best book …

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Aug 11

Do You Suffer From Too Much Stress?

If you’re like millions of people around the world who have an inordinate amount of stress in your life, there is a way out – a way to escape for a few moments every day, a way to heal your mind and strengthen your body allowing the pressures of the world to melt away. How? …

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Aug 10

New article: How You Can Completely Relax through Meditation

Excerpt from the article  How You Can Completely Relax Through Meditation  located at People live hectic lifestyles today, and this kind of lifestyle can be bad for your health.  Recent studies have found that stress contributes to heart disease and high blood pressure, amongst other ailments.  With the help of the stressful lifestyle, stroke and …

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Aug 03

Free Meditation ebook!

Meditation is so good for you, I think everyone should be able to learn about this wonderful ancient art. This ebook gives you all the basic facts about meditation, and it is totally gratis.  You don’t need to give me your email or anything else. Just go to the download page and get the ebook.  …

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Jul 30

New Events on the Calendar!

There are new events on the events calendar in the Meditation News site – go check it out!!

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