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Jul 30

New Article: Tennis Elbow Braces

Excerpt from the article “Tennis Elbow Braces” located at Tennis elbow braces are one way of treating tennis elbow injury. Tennis Elbow injury is an injury that consists of tiny tears in parts of the tendon and in muscle coverings, which result to recurring pain on the outside of the upper forearm just below …

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Jul 26

New Article: Tennis Elbow Brace – Counter-Force for Tennis Elbow

Excerpt from the article “Tennis Elbow Brace – Counter-Force for Tennis Elbow” located at What is a tennis elbow brace?  The tennis elbow brace is a type of elbow support that can help prevent tennis elbow disorder, a common injury among tennis players.   Technically speaking, tennis elbow brace is a lateral counter-force bracing, that therapists …

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Jul 23

New Article: Tennis Elbow – A Common Tennis Injury

Excerpt from the article “Tennis Elbow – A Common Tennis Injury” located at Tennis elbow, so to speak, got its name from the famous game tennis and the common injury of the players of this game who tended to get it.  Medically known as Lateral Epicondylitis, tennis elbow is an inflammation or degeneration of …

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Jul 20

New Article: Tennis Court Equipment

Excerpt from the article “Tennis Court Equipment” located at Tennis court equipments facilitate better and comfortable tennis court plays for players, whether you’re running a tennis court business or you just happen to have one privately owned for family and friendly matches. There are different categories of tennis court equipment. Here are some great …

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Jul 16

New Article: Tennis Court Construction – The Basics

Excerpt from the article “Tennis Court Construction – The Basics” located at If you have decided to construct a tennis court, you may be wondering of what you need to do next.  Here are some basic things that you need to know if you have considered a new tennis court construction:              ● Size …

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Jul 12

New Article: Tennis Camps

Excerpt from the article “Tennis Camps” located at If you love the sport of tennis, you’ll surely love tennis camps.  Tennis camps offer tennis instructions or lessons at the same time experiencing fun and enjoyment. Most tennis camps would offer instructional programs for tennis players of different ability levels and ages, from beginners to …

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Jul 11

New Article: Tennis Bracelet – Diamonds are Forever

Excerpt from the article “Tennis Bracelet – Diamonds are Forever” located at Tennis bracelet otherwise known as “in-line diamond bracelet” is a thin elegant piece of wrist jewelry that features a symmetrical pattern of diamonds that drapes softly around the wrist.  The tennis bracelet is not like the charm bracelets that have pendants or …

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Jul 10

New Article: Tennis Balls Explained

Excerpt from the article “Tennis Balls Explained” located at A tennis ball is the bouncing ball designed for the game of tennis, and is also one of the main components of the game.  In the early days, a tennis ball was made of leather, stuffed with the hair or wool.  In the 18th century, …

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Jul 09

New Article: Tennis Balls

Excerpt from the article “Tennis Balls” located at Tennis balls are one of the major elements of tennis.  In a way, it’s even the center of the game, “keep the tennis ball on play and never let it out of your sight”.  So let’s talk about tennis balls. Tennis balls have uniform outer surface, …

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Jul 08

New Article: Tennis Ball Launcher – An Autopsy

Excerpt from the article “Tennis Ball Launcher – An Autopsy” located at Have you ever wondered what’s inside a tennis ball launcher that makes it shoot balls of up to 55 mph and more?  How it works on the inside and what goes on while it keeps on shooting balls non-stop one at a …

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