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May 20

New Article: Winter Running: Survival Tips For Your Feet

Excerpt from the article “Winter Running: Survival Tips For Your Feet” located at The days are shorter, the air is colder and the streets are slicker. Yet, many will still brave the cold, damp and dark streets and trails as winter sets in. For those who don’t mind a little rain, snow, sleet or …

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May 19

New Article: What Should Runners Think About?

Excerpt from the article “What Should Runners Think About?” located at What do you think about when you are running? Does it make a difference? Research suggests it definitely can.  A survey into what runners think about when competing identified four categories. These are relevant to participating in many sporting activities: – 1) Inward …

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May 18

New Article: Running Tips

Excerpt from the article “Running Tips” located at It’s a good idea to consult your doctor before beginning any physical activity. The information in this article is not meant to be technical, it’s just a guideline. Use the information as you like. With that said, let’s talk about running and its benefits. You can …

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May 17

New Article: Running on Empty

Excerpt from the article “Running on Empty” located at A sexy pair of legs moseys its way down a soft, vacuumed carpet, around a bend, and through a long, narrow aisle. Suddenly, these shapely stems, which are encased in bright spandex, dissolve into a jungle of many others, instantly blending into the vibrant surroundings …

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May 16

New Article: Running in The Zone: A Personal Account

Excerpt from the article “Running in The Zone: A Personal Account” located at Running in The Zone has to be one of the most satisfying experiences. When it all fits together it can seem effortless and intensely rewarding. But why are some runs better than others? Is there anything we can do to help …

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May 15

New Article: Running for Success

Excerpt from the article “Running for Success” located at Though it may not seem like it when we’re drenched in sweat and our legs feel like lead, marathon running is as mental as physical. When we’re exhausted, continuing consists of mind over matter. This takes enormous mental power. Once developed, this skill can be …

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May 14

New Article: Run for Your Life

Excerpt from the article “Run for Your Life” located at Running is an ideal symmetrical activity for keeping fit. However, it is common for people to blame running for injuries rather than accept that it may be how they run that is at fault. Is there more to running than just putting one foot …

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May 13

New Article: How To Start a Running Program

Excerpt from the article “How To Start a Running Program” located at Running or jogging is one of the best ways there is to lose weight fast. It burns tons of calories and gets your body burning fat. Running strengthens the heart, lungs and can be done just about anywhere at anytime. The problem …

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May 12

New Article: Do You Need an Expensive Padded, Cushioned, Air Bubbled, Gelled Running Shoe?

Excerpt from the article “Do You Need an Expensive Padded, Cushioned, Air Bubbled, Gelled Running Shoe?” located at Nike Free does not think so; and neither should you. Read on to find out why this concerns every one of us, our health and a good deal of wasted money. This is not a story …

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May 11

New Article: 5 Tips for Starting Runners

Excerpt from the article “5 Tips for Starting Runners” located at So you’ve decided to take up running? Maybe you are starting back up after putting it off for years. Here is a list of tips that I have found beneficial to the starting runner or even the seasoned pro. 1. STRETCH THOSE LEGS …

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